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Special Edition - IG/IT Update Oct 2012

Welcome to the October 2012 IG & IT special edition

This eBulletin is produced by NHS Diabetes and Kidney Care in conjunction with the Department of Health to support the NHS Health Check Learning Network.   This is a useful tool for anyone working in health or social care with an interest in the prevention of vascular disease and vascular risk assessment and management.  To subscribe or unsubscribe, please contact Eleanor Kent-Dyson. 

Message from Nicola Strother Smith, National Director, NHS Diabetes and Kidney Care

This special edition of the NHS Health Check eBulletin has been developed to provide you with the latest position and developments relating to NHS Health Check information governance and information technology matters.. 

I am also pleased to inform you that an information governance and information technology sub-group (IGITSG) – of which NHS Diabetes and Kidney Care is a key member - has been established.  This group reports to the Department of Health NHS Health Check Delivery and Transition Steering Group (DTSG) ensuring that there is an expert forum to advise the DTSG on related matters.  Further information on the establishment of this group is included in the eBulletin.

All operational queries about the NHS Health Check programme, or questions about the Learning Network should be directed to Eleanor Kent-Dyson.  Policy queries should continue to be directed to the NHS Health Check team at the Department of Health using their dedicated mailbox .