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NHS Health Check e-Bulletin -February 2013 edition

Nicola Strother Smith, National Director, NHS Diabetes and Kidney Care

As part of our plan to engage with local authority teams, we offered to attend regional meetings to highlight the transfer of commissioning responsibility and importance of the NHS Health Check programme.  The responses we have been receiving from local authority teams are extremely positive.  Chief executives, elected members and officers whom we have spoken with are very passionate about prevention and see the NHS Health Check programme as being one of their key strategies to increase life expectancy and reduce health inequalities.  It is also clear that local authority leaders are keen to ensure that this service is accessible to all communities, particularly reaching those at greatest risk.  This provides us all with a tremendous opportunity to build upon the great work which has been already been achieved by PCT teams and continue to build a programme which leads to people living longer and healthier lives. 

 I mentioned in my previous message that work was underway to ensure that we establish a future home for the NHS Health Check Learning Network.  I am therefore pleased to inform you that Public Health England has recognised the importance of this resource and are currently considering ways in which this support will continue beyond March 2013.

 I make no apologies for the number of items included in this month’s NHS Health Check e-Bulletin, as we consider it vitally important to share this information as soon as possible.  As always, we welcome news and comments from you on ways we can improve this element of the NHS Health Check Learning Network.