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Special Edition - Contracts and Funding Update Nov

Contracts and Commissioning Update

All the guidance published by Department of Health on the contracts and commissioning transition process can be found below.

Commissioning and Contracts:

A draft Enhanced Service Commissioning factsheet was released by DH in July 2012

Handover and Closedown Guidance - Transfer Documentation: identifying legal title in assets and liabilities and completing transfer documentation – Department of Health, October 2012

Contracts Transition Narrative and FAQ document – Department of Health, September 2012. (Please note this document does not provide mandatory guidance or set new policy but interprets existing guidance and communications into a narrative for public health and local authorities)

Draft local authority Public Health Contract – Department of Health, August 2012

If you have further questions after reading these documents please email them to the DH Contracts Transition Team including the words Public Health Services in the title of your email so that they can be channelled to the most appropriate person.