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NHS Health Check December 2014 e-Bulletin

Operational update from Jamie Waterall

Jamie Waterall Offical May 2014Dear colleagues

As this is our final e-bulletin of the year, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the different roles you are all playing in implementing one of the world’s largest prevention programmes. It is an honour to be working with so many people who share our vision for addressing key behavioural and physiological risk factors that continue to affect the lives of so many people.      

We have achieved so much together during the year. This has been evident during my visits across the country, where I have seen for myself many innovative and successful programmes. I've been impressed with the hard work and dedication from all the teams I've met and spoken with. It is clear that the NHS Health Check programme continues to improve, with every area of England now offering the service, and the number of checks offered and received increasing year-on-year.  

This has been a year when we have all focused on improving the coverage, uptake and quality and consistency of the NHS Health Check programme. Together, I believe we have made important progress in all of these areas. Some of the key areas we have worked on together include:

We all acknowledge that next year will require continued effort as we work towards the 66% uptake ambition and to meet the ongoing drive for quality, consistency and outcomes. However, as so many of you are demonstrating significant improvements in your local programmes, this is well within our reach.

If you have any ideas for improving the programme or where you would like further help and support, contact me as I am keen to hear your views.

In the meantime have a well-deserved Christmas break. I look forward to working with you next year.