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Special edition - Competence workbook consultation

NHS Health Check competence framework: assessor and learner workbook consultation

Jamie Waterall Offical May 2014Many thanks for the support you have given to the development and release of the NHS Health Check competence framework so far. In response to your requests, we have been working jointly with Skills for Health to develop the learner and assessor pack and are now conducting a public consultation for the two workbooks.

Note that these are not training manuals but industry standard manuals that allow people (ie, health care assistants) to demonstrate their competence in a portfolio of evidence that can be taken with them. The learner pack is for people undergoing competency assessment to work through, setting clear goals and describing exactly what is needed. The assessor pack is for assessors, which will most likely be several different people across the learner’s development, detailing exactly what must be done and linking to National Occupational Standards (NOS) for clarification. Links to free online courses are available within the NHS Health Check competence framework document and the NHS Health Check website for commissioners and healthcare professionals.

We are seeking your thoughts on the construction of these two documents and their appropriateness for the task. Specifically, regarding the prompts within the assessment units and if they are appropriate to the related NOS in the NHS Health Check competence framework. 

The two documents are here:

Learner Workbook            

Assessor Workbook

It is important that we capture the thoughts of commissioners and providers as well as other colleagues involved in the NHS Health Check process. 

  • Commissioners will be able to stipulate in the contracts that all staff delivering the NHS Health Check can demonstrate compliance to the learner pack.
  • Providers will be able to ensure staff are competent to the appropriate standard and that their training/assessment has been recorded in a manner consistent with national best practice.

Please respond with your comments to craig.lister@phe.gov.uk by 17:00 on Friday 24 October.